This is an excellent opportunity to learn weightlifting at the China national weightlifting team training base.

If you are a fan of fitness
Want to have dazzling skills and become the focus of the gym?
Want to squat with a massive weight which is beyond imagination and become so attractive and sexy?
Want to perform the difficult actions smoothly and impress your training companion?
Want to fully enhance the absolute strength, explosive power, physical coordination and other capabilities and meanwhile, make your figure admirable?
CoachYang weightlifting camp, the wonderland to fulfill all you wishes.

If you are a coach
Want to explore the authentic Chinese-style weightlifting techniques?
Want to guide your own gym members with better training methods?
Want to make a more professional and smoother weightlifting action?
Want a fully improvement of squat, push and deadlift?
CoachYang weightlifting camp, where you want to be is here.

We invite you to experience this wonderful journey with like-minded friends.You will enjoy the tropical view of Hainan and Wuzhishan in this November and expect the training with the China national weightlifting team’s coach.

Yang Yang, national athlete (Snatch 165KG, Clean&Jerk 205KG), having 15 years of weightlifting training experience. His talent was discovered by the current China national team coach Yu Jie and was brought into the national team. He had won the national weightlifting champion several times. Followed by the establishment of the global weightlifting training brand CoachYang, He keeps providing training services for weightlifting enthusiasts, CrossFit athletes and top weightlifters from all over the world.

Training Venue
The training camp is located in Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province. The pleasant climate and fresh air provides excellent prerequisites for training. The training center is the offical base for the China national weightlifting team. It provide the top weightlifting equipment and facilities and ensure you an experience of the full range of the national team training.

Throughout the training camp, you can stay in the hotel which the China national team desinated and will enjoy the same treatment of accommodation and catering as the national team athletes.The comfortable rest and healthy diet will guarantee you a satisfying daily training.

Graduation surprise
After the training camp, we will organize an exploration of the Wuzhishan rainforest and hold a grand yacht surfing dinner to celebrate this perfect self-promotion journey.

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